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Gourd Rattles…For Life!

I am so thankful to our friend Ruud, who lives in the Netherlands, for updating us with progress on his experiments with gourd rattles…and the Wheel of Life they offer. He planted some seeds from the gourd kits he purchased (from Thunder Valley Drums), and just look what’s happening! He has treasures growing right outside his door! He will never need to purchase another gourd, and is now officially off the gourd grid!

If you’ve ever cleaned a gourd, you know that everything that tumbles out of them looks pretty lifeless. When you first start scraping out the interior, there’s a cascade of thin, fluffy, silky material that can quickly take to a breeze and turn into a blizzard. But next, ah, NEXT comes the payoff. Gourd Seeds! Lots and lots of ’em, a veritable garden full!

But man, do they ever look pitiful. You may even think there’s no way that they can actually come alive. But pop ’em in some soil, and wait for a wonderful surprise! Gorgeous blossoms! Beautiful fruit! THEN— birdhouses and herb containers galore! And a choice one can become a sacred partner for your spiritual journeys. Perhaps several can become rattles for loved ones. Such a glorious friend is the ever-giving gourd.

Here’s a brief picture story of Ruud’s Rattles.

Ruud's Rattles
The circle of life and the beautiful expression of the heart are a union of now and forever.
Thank you for sharing, Ruud!
I can’t stop without mentioning that you, too, can learn how to make gourd rattles. I am offering a $2.99 eBook with step-by-step instructions and many sacred ceremonies you can do to prepare and activate your rattle ally. Look for the information at the top of the column on the right. If you’re interested in buying a rattle kit, you can get the eBook free! Click here for details (will open a new window on the Thunder Valley Drums site.).

But you don’t have to buy a kit. At this time of year, gourds are plentiful at farmer’s markets and other locations like roadside produce stands. So help out a farmer and buy a gourd. Then turn to your favorite tree or shrub and ask it for a handle. There is probably one lying on the ground beneath it. From there, prepare for an incredible experience as a gourd rattle maker!

It’s not nearly as difficult as you may think. And it will serve you for the rest of your life. There is NOTHING like making your own sacred tools for the journey ahead. Just look what Ruud did!

Aho & Namaste,


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