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Be The Revolution

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We are all revolutionaries, and when looking around the world today, it sure seems it’s time to be who we are!

In Washington, DC, the theater known as the American Congress is making one giant mess of our country. The current fuss, over a term known as “sequestration” and which reflected a dumb deal to begin with, has already blown up a lot of the hope we all had when the last election ended and when there seemed a chance for our leaders to actually do the nation’s bidding.


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Too much power in the hands of too few people was what the Founding Fathers and Mothers of the USA rebelled against. Time to remember your revolutionary heritage.

Now we know that the whole sequestration thing is smoke and mirrors. The reality is that Congress and the President are corporately owned and sponsored. They have continually passed
legislation to grant profitable corporations tax breaks, so that hardly any large corporation in America pays tax, and that many actually received rebates over the past several years! The
politicians have lavished defense contracts worth billions on corporations to make and stockpile terrible weapons like drones and other new technological nightmares capable of killing thousands
or more, while complaining about the cost of caring for our own citizens who may need simple health care or a stable Social Security system. The Supreme Court has granted corporations the rights of citizenship and person-hood. The takeover to re-brand our country as the United States of America, Inc. is nearly complete.

Let’s face it, these leaders have wedged themselves elbow to eyebrow at the feeding trough of corporate largess and taxpayer sweat money.

And yet—YET— Americans take it as if they know no better. Why? I can’t answer that.

I have read far and wide the lone voices of disparate individuals who say there should be a revolution. Take down the system! Well, that’s not going to get it. At least not until the first revolution of which I talked about in a two-part 2008 podcast takes place. And that’s the revolution of the heart…what a recent writer called “the revolution inside.”

It is the right revolution, a peaceful one, and an action that can incite the greatest upheaval in history. You can take a few minutes and see what I mean by reviewing some previous posts right here on the blog having to do with finding yourself.

Indeed, it’s time for the revolution. Viva la’ heart!

Aho & Namaste,


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