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The New “Thunder Horse” Lightning Drum Is Ready

Thunder Horse Lightning-Struck Drum from Thunder Valley Drums
Guardian spirit Ailieir and the Thundr Marr Lightning Drum.

I only missed the deadline by a day! Woo-hoo!

Well, come to think of it, I did post the trailer on the day promised, but missed having the new Thundr Marr drum on the Website by midnight last night. Blame it on the Blood Moon. It was just too beautiful to leave. And like many other people I’m sure, we took a gazillion blurry photos of it, too.

So, at last, here’s the Thundr Marr drum all set on its own page. And here’s the third and final trailer.

Thundr Marr, which means Thunder Horse, is a shamanic drum made from a maple tree that was struck by lightning. During the long, beautiful process of working together, we came to know each other very well. She told me her story. I told her mine.

Hers, however, is so much more interesting! Partially because of her connection with …

The clan associated with lightning drums.How could I not be inspired? The Clan of the 77 Thunder Riders?! So instead of writing her story as I’ve done with other drum’s stories in the past, I was stirred to share Thundr Marr’s story in a series of three trailers. That’s because T-Marr’s guardian spirit, Ailieir, inspired me so thoroughly with her wisdom and bravery. She even allowed her portrait to be painted by our resident artist, Glenn Lewis. That’s a depiction of her in the top photo, which you will also see in the trailers.

And here’s another video (one minute long) from back in 2011 when we gathered in the tree that Thundr Marr was a part of:

There is a synergy at work here in case you may have missed it. A tree and Spirit agree that those inside the tree need to be released for a high purpose. And in one brief flash the tree ceases to be an individual. It becomes many. Like this…

drum blanks cut from a lightning-struck maple tree
Those who would be drums were given by a beautiful maple tree in 2011, then cured for two years before work on their individual expressions could be started.

So, each that desires to become a drum will indeed be born again to honor the thunder that once heralded the tree’s passing. (Previous post which accompanied this photo.) And when these drums are sounded, they once again become one in the service of healing. All with the power of that which even science acknowledges gave rise to life on this planet at the beginning: Lightning.


Thundr Marr is in good company.

Drum on.

Aho & Namaste

Join The New Shaman Training Class for Beginners To Start Oct. 18, 2015

Shaman Training Graphic600wThere is still a seat in the sacred circle for you in the new Shaman Training course that will begin Oct. 18, 2015. (You may find full info here.) The Autumn is a perfect season in which to begin your exploration of a greater reality that will lead you to the discovery of your authentic self and the mission of your beautiful soul for this lifetime.

Join with others of like minds, learn the healing ways and the path of shamans, and apply your new understanding to improve and empower your everyday life. You will become familiar with how to drum and thus to enter the greater realms through a shamanic journey. And then, you will meet totem animals and powerful guides in assembling a team of allies to assist your work and life in the full expression of your heart. It will be your greatest voyage of discovery.

the shamanic drum awaits the next journey
Thanks to Andy for the photo.

Your age doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have begun to hear the calling, to feel the rise of curiosity, to sense the hint of destiny as a healer and spiritual explorer.

Quick Overview of the Course:

It is an in-depth experiential five-month course (meets once a month) taught in Elizabethtown, KY. If you can’t attend this one, perhaps one in the future, as classes form spontaneously when at least four people have indicated interest. I like to have small classes, with a maximum of six so that I can provide individual attention to each during class. My wife assists, along with an apprentice (when available).

We would love to have you join the sacred circle.

Aho & Namaste,

Contact Information is available with the above link.
Bob’s Email: live free @ natural shaman drums dot comMORE INFO