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Spiritual Superhero Week Flashback

Wow! The blog has suddenly exploded with posts!

I am moving posts over from the old blog, and so far have over 100. I can’t help but share a trip down memory lane with you, though, for some that I consider special. So I’ll go back to 2012 and post the five special “Spiritual Superhero Week” entries from that year.

So here’s the first post from that series:

Day One: Spiritual Superhero Week
I have dispirit thoughts to share today. But stick with me for a minute, and you’ll see where I’m going with this.

I have been thinking of Martin Luther King throughout this day devoted to his memory and works. At the same time, I was working on a series of ideas that I would like to present, one for each of the days of this week. So it’s only fitting that the first should be presented on ML King Day.

My next line of thinking involved what it is that I do as a shamanic practitioner and drum maker, and other things I love. For example, comic books. That’s why I produced and posted the Malinda Maeko comic some time back over on the Thunder Valley Drums Website. (The link will open in a new window and may take some time to load, as it is graphics heavy.) People seemed to appreciate it (particularly the way shamanic drumming was presented), and many commented that they would like to see more such spiritual comic books and comic strips in general. Well, I’m no artist, so I’ll leave that up to those with such talents and spiritual orientations.

But I do tinker with digital clippings from old comic book illustrations from time to time, and over the weekend decided to do a series of one-panel takes on a theme of what it would be like if Thunder Valley Drums sponsored a series of superhero ads about spirituality and social consciousness, from my point of view of course. Just having fun, but with an underlying hope of contributing some thoughts to possible ways of helping bring our world back into balance with itself.

This first one attempts to do both. And to honor Rev. King, too, with a phrase from his time.

TVD Dynamic Spiritual Duo

Aho & Namaste,

Color Your World

The comic book ad campaign continues! Once in a while I fiddle around with an excerpt from an old comic book and insert one of my shaman tools in place of what a character was holding or endorsing. It’s all for fun, but I try to add a little teaching with it sometimes.

So today, I’m pulling the ol’ switcheroo by swapping a drum for soap powder from this ad which appeared in an early 1900s comic. I hope the message is clear enough. It’s about being the change you may seek.

1900s Thunder Valley Drums ad
The original ad from which this was borrowed first appeared in comic books at the turn of the last century.

Aho & Namaste,

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Smudging Dick Tracy

Here’s one for the Superhero Spirituality category I started a few years back.

Okay, it’s an indulgence, but oh so much fun! I love old comic books, and over the years I’ve collected a lot of images from them, mostly from a site called Comic Book +. The artwork is great, even though the printing was sometimes off kilter. And often, the writing was great, too, particularly in the old literary comics, other books called “British Story Papers,” and even some of the classic comic strips. I’m so glad that site attempts to preserve, at least in digital form, these cultural icons.

Once in a while, I like to imagine how the illustrators and publishers back then would have handled it if Thunder Valley Drums had sponsored a series of superhero ads about spirituality and social consciousness. Here’s today’s result. And this time around, it appears as though they have chosen Dick Tracy as a spokesman!

dick tracy smudge ad 750w
Tracy has turned in his gun for a smudge stick.

Thanks for the endorsement, Mr. Tracy!

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Be The Bear

He was the real life icon of forest fire prevention since 1950 when as a cub he was found clinging to a charred tree in Arizona after a wildfire.  And little “Smokey” has remained a symbolic protector of Mother Earth’s forests ever since. But it’s real people who must battle against forest fires when they rage across the landscape, and this year, many of these firefighters have perished in the flames.

As autumn’s leaves accumulate throughout our forests, fire danger increases. So, please, do your part to protect our environment. Don’t be careless when you are in the woods, or even driving through them. Help protect our forest lands and our Earth Mother.

Be the bear.

smokey the bear graphic
Smokey has been on the job since 1950!
Retouched illustration from a Smokey comic book, date unknown.
Original image, courtesy, Comic Book Plus.
Aho & Namaste,

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