New Thunder Valley Drums Site Premiers September 16

First Thunder Valley Drums Makeover in Years!

Low-res screenshot of a page on the new site…

buffalo drum feature page excerpt on new thunder valley drums site
A portion of the Buffalo Drum page.

It’s been long overdue! So at last the NEW Thunder Valley Drums site will premier on September 15. Excited!

You’ll find it a lot easier to navigate, and it’s prettier too. In addition, you’ll discover TWO new initiatives to help communities in need. (More on that later.) So stay tuned!

Aho & Namaste,

6 thoughts on “New Thunder Valley Drums Site Premiers September 16

  1. Hey, Bob! This sounds intriguing. I’ll be sure to be present on the day of the “grand opening”. You have the one of the very best websites on the ‘Net about shamanism that carries the spirit and teaches by your example of that spirit. You’ve taught me simplicity, humility, honesty, integrity, and to be a seeker of the truth, not a follower of belief. Shamanism begins with the heart and Soul and I learned this most from you. Can’t wait for more- I’m waiting and hope to be ready. I’m sure the new site is going to be as good as the “old” one. Blessings to you and your house, Aho, our Brother.

    1. I forgot…am wondering about the community need addition. Whatever it is, I know it will be an important cause so count me in!

      1. Hello again, Richard. Oh, I am very excited about these two efforts to help communities! They are causes I deeply believe in, and Spirit has opened a way for me to help. Perhaps they will speak to you, too. You’ll see all of the details on the new site, though I’ll say for now that the first addresses one specific community, while the second has to do with a more general community, the two-legged one.

        Thanks again for your comment.

    2. Thank you for such a wonderful comment, Richard. I am touched by your kind words, and gladly share the same sense of brotherhood you mention, You and I are both seekers, and it is so good to find a compatriot along the path. I think you will agree, though, that what you have found has always been right there in your heart. You deserve all of the credit for allowing it to come to the fore.

      And yes, that new site is almost ready. It’s been needed for a long time!

      Thanks again, brother.

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