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Thunder Valley Drums Post-Super Bowl Ad

As I see it, the Super Bowl score was 127 to six. That is, there were about 127 bad Super Bowl ads, two cute, two weird, one boring and one shocking. And as a veteran watcher of most Super Bowls, I can say this was the worst, not only for ads, but also for a lop-sided game. Denver is a better team than displayed, and Seattle is as good as it displayed. Overall then, this was a ho-hum affair, about on par with watching traffic…without the interruption of dumb ads.

The real shocker ad, by the way, was seeing Bob Dylan shilling cars. How far he has fallen, and how far has fallen an iconic symbol of the 1960s. The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, as unrestrained capitalism steamrolls even one of its greatest critics. I suppose he will go on from here to do a Goldman Sachs or Chase Bank ad.

So, to brighten the mood, I thought it time for a good ad.

I think a good ad is one not written by the owner of a business, but rather, written by a customer. So, here it is, unrehearsed and unprompted (by me), direct from a customer I’ve never met (even though I hope our paths may cross sometime, as we share many similar interests). Direct to you from Texas, I bring you… Priya!

From Priya, in Texas
Priya plays her Hummingbird Drum
A sacred moment in Texas.

“Perhaps you are wondering….hmmm..should I invest in a handmade drum for my shamanic practices?  Is it worth it? I mean really, how could it be that different from others I have found on the Internet? The difference is who makes this important tool for your healing work.  From the first interaction to the last I knew I was working with a professional, dedicated and thoughtful healer.  He took such an interest in who I was as a healer and concentrated on bringing in my energy as he created the drum.

“He worked quickly too! I got a custom drum with hand painted artwork in 2 weeks.

“When I opened my package I could feel the physical and energetic craftsmanship that went into it. I had never used a drum to lead guided journey work for a workshop, so I was nervous.  The drum was my ally. I could feel it as part of me. From the email correspondence from Bob I knew it was because he let the drum create itself and held space for my energy.

“Do I love it? Yes!  Do I recommend him? Heck, yes! Thanks Bob.


You can read more about Priya and her shamanic practice on her blog and Website. She kindly offered her permission for me to reprint her email. Thank you, Priya!

Aho & Namaste,


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