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Two New Pots of Gold for Rainbow Drum Lineup

If you’ve been searching for a reliable, lightweight and colorful shamanic drum for your drum circle or for use in sacred ceremony, you may have just found your pot of gold at the end of the drumming rainbow right here! I’ll let Mary Marvel explain. (Then you can scroll on down to see TWO new Rainbow Drums below.)

Rainbow Drums and Mary Marvel
Find your own pot of spiritual gold at the end of a Rainbow Drum from Thunder Valley Drums.
There is more than gold at the end of the rainbow! There’s red, green, blue and lilac drums there, too. And even some brass!

For the first time ever, I’ve used metal as an integral component of a drum, and I guess you could say it’s time to get down to brass tacks about it! Enter the Jade Green Drum…

Jade Green Rainbow Drum
Each Rainbow Drum is different, though this photo gives a good idea of what yours will resemble.

You not only get the gold, but the entire rainbow with this drum!

The Jade Green Rainbow Drum features a deep green drum head and all the colors of the rainbow on the frame and trim. The
colorful composite webbing is tacked on with brass tacks, then accented with sumptuous suede deer lacing and colorful, hand-painted and polished wooden beads.

Such a lively voice! But of course you would expect no less from a Thunder Valley Drum!

All of TVD’s shamanic Rainbow Drums are 10 inch drums, very lightweight so you can play them for a long time without tiring, and easy to transport in a backpack, suitcase or even a large purse. There is also a lightning-struck wooden charm tied to each drum. Each also is accompanied by sacred herbs and sweetgrass that you can use in a smudging ceremony for your new drum.

Blue Rainbow Drum from Thunder Valley Drums
The Blue Rainbow Drum from Thunder Valley Drums seeks a balance of texture, color and spiritual expression.

Now for the second new drum— a personal favorite— the Blue Rainbow Drum. Oh! I love this drum, too!

Right off, this shamanic drum aspires to a strong expression of balance, at least as many people interpret colors and textures. Blue is a traditional color of masculinity, while the pretty and soft crochet tiara is of a definitive feminine texture.

There are strands of suede deer lacing and hand-painted, polished wooden beads, too, repeating the female/male theme. (The photo fails to show the true richness of the actual blue color of the drum head.) It has the lightning-struck wooden talisman on the bottom, too, even though it wasn’t present when I photographed the drum.

You can see more, read more and even hear more about these shamanic drums on the main Thunder Valley Drums site. How about buying one today? I can make it for you and have it on your doorstep in 10 days or so (for the typical U.S. address). I would LOVE to make one of these drums for you!

Aho & Namaste,


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Shaman Drums For Sale

Premier Hoop Drums from Thunder Valley Drums
Three Sizes, Four Styles and Five Good Reasons For Buying A TVD Hoop Drum!

Here is a quick overview of all of the shamanic drums for sale from Thunder Valley Drums! It’s like a walk through a most unique boutique drum shop from the comfort of your easy chair, or on the go with your smartphone. You can see and hear each of these on the TVD Website and know that each drum comes with lightning power for sacred ceremony or your favorite drumming circle.

We’ll start with the Shamanic Hoop / Frame Drums, today, then later I’ll add the LIGHTNING-STRUCK Drums.

The Firefly Drum
The idea for the Firefly Drum came one summer evening around a drumming circle while fireflies swirled around us.

Light Up Your Life!

This is the 10-inch Firefly Shaman Drum that comes with optional decorations. It’s lightweight, easy to pack, exceptionally durable and a joy to play!

You will be thrilled when you can play a drum for a long period without tiring. It’s like holding a firefly in your hand. And that always brings joy to the heart. Check out a Firefly Drum today!


Hummingbird Drum
The Hummingbird Drum is the best-selling hoop drum offered by Thunder Valley Drums.

Take Flight

Here’s the most popular drum I sell, the Hummingbird Shaman Drum. It’s a 12-inch shamanic drum with a beautiful voice, a wonderful array of optional decorations, and extremely easy to play over long periods because it’s light weight and has a stringing pattern that makes it easy to hold. A real beauty! See it and hear it now on the TVD site.

The Thunder Drum from Thunder Valley Drums
The Thunder Drum’s deep voice lends texture and prominence to a drum circle, and in sacred ceremony, it resonates deeply within and without, in Earth and Sky, in heart and Spirit.

Big Time Expression

Now, let’s talk thunder! This is the Shaman’s Thunder Drum from Thunder Valley Drums. Big and bold with a deep voice, this drum reverberates with the slightest tap!

When you purchase a TVD drum, I will contact you via email to seek your input. This greatly influences the energy flow that will be imbued into your drum partner.  Hear the Thunder on the TVD site today.


Hoop Drum Buying Guide
You’ll find the Drum Buying Guide right on the TVD site to help guide you to the perfect shamanic drum.
Variety and Quality With Every Drum

You’ll find plenty of options for these sacred shamanic drums, too, like personal art provided by artist Glenn Lewis, more variety than I could show here, and economical choices for the budget-minded drum buyer.

I provide a Drum Buying Guide on the site to help you choose the perfect drum.

And, by the way, every drum you purchase also comes with smudging herbs, sweetgrass and even a guide (.pdf file) to help you use and care for your new drum partner. And here’s a secret ingredient added to each one too…LOVE! I make each drum, decorate it, and do everything else I can possibly do to provide you with a special, handmade shaman’s drum. I would love to make a drum for you!

Personal service is my sacred vow.

Aho & Namaste,


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