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Is There A Rainbow Waiting for You?

It’s time to express your true colors! To follow the rainbow! And perhaps even to march to a different drummer!

Yes, I’ve been hinting for some time about offering a new kind of drum. So, welcome to TVD’s “Rainbow Drums!” (You can learn more and hear the drums here.)

Rainbow Drums from Thunder Valley Drums
Many wonderful colors to choose from! (Even more than shown here!)

These little 10-inch drum beauties sound as good as they look, lively and passionate! The laminated frames are quite resonate, which I believe is enhanced with a new stringing pattern that adds more than a quarter to the tension I had previously relied on with smaller drums. This new pattern retards the loosening effects of “wet weather blues” that all natural drums so often experience. I also use buffalo or deer lacing, and will never go back to cowhide ties if I can avoid them, because the new lacing resists sagging in humid conditions, too.

With that said, I did use some very nice cowhide for the drum heads, as buffalo hide is simply too thick to use on smaller drums. The heads are going to have a hard time bending against those buffalo or deer ties, so I’m sure they will stay tight and clean. And after experimenting with different hides, I found that the cowhides held color better, too.

Closeup of Rainbow Drums
Special decorations add even more color to the Rainbow Drums

To compliment the new colors, I chose decorations that not only highlight the bases, but that also express a celebration of life. This reflects a decision I made years ago when I dedicated the remainder of my life in service to all, and made a vow that became the slogan of Thunder Valley Drums. So it was time to make some drums that turned the vow into a colorful exclamation— Live Free!

I’ll be adding more of these exciting helpers over time, for sure. Now that they have told me how to make them, I can’t imagine missing the thrill of watching them come into being and expressing their beautiful voices in the circle of life, as well as in the drum circle.

There are a limited number available now on the Website, and each is a one-of-a-kind, impossible to duplicate. So while I may repeat some of the color schemes, the actual drums will be as varied as any other group of shamanic helpers. Each is an individual, just like you and I. Together, though, we are all dedicated to service.

Live Free, my friend.

Aho & Namaste,


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