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A WOW New Powwow Drum!

I cannot say enough about this new Native American powwow drum I just added to Thunder Valley Drums site. It’s WOW!  https://www.naturalshamandrums.com/compact-powwow-drum.html 

wow powwow drumIt’s double-sided (meaning there is a rawhide drum head on both the top and bottom of the drum), and measures 20″ x 7″ with a laminated maple frame. The buffalo rawhide assures a beautifully rich, deep voice. Native Americans are master drum makers, and they have supplied this beauty through a company I deal with.

It is classified as a four player drum, but more drummers can join in, no problem. And it is so lightweight– less than SIX pounds! Wow!

powwow drum stand with brass bells

I made the rustic-looking drum stand from Kentucky hardwood limbs trimmed in my neighborhood, then added scrumptious bunched yarns, suede lacing and beads. The drum is held in place on the stand with leather lacing secured to the four corners and anchored by four brass bells.

It is such a joy to play! This one will sound above and below and all around with the slightest stroke. You can hear a recording of it on the site. I hope you will take a look at it and luxuriate in its sound.

There are sacred rhythms in the ol’ drum shop today. Every day!

Aho & Namaste, my friend,