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A Shamanic Vacation

What a summer it’s been so far! And what a summer vacation we’ve been having! YUM!

Some people like to head out for summer backpacking vacations to exotic locations, or load up for mountain climbing, surfing, or even skydiving. I know some folks who like to head out to the western U.S. to work on dude ranches so they can wrestle steers, tame wild horses, race through rattlesnake lands chasing strays. But not us, unh-huh, no. Nothing as tame or timid as all of that! Instead of taking a typical summer vacation, we decided to step into a really wild one by moving to a new place! At the height of summer heat!

So we gave our well rested backs and age-challenged bodies a real workout by lifting about a thousand boxes (100 boxes X 10 lifts, beginning with packing a box, loading and unloading it, setting it in a room, only to move it several more times –sometimes to a different room– before finally opening it to unpack it)… in an old, tiny  Subaru Baja! So, for sure, we racked up enough mileage to have crossed the continent at least twice, and lifted enough weight to break every Olympics record.

Neither of us, or the Baja for that matter, are the same as when we started. What an adventure!

But that is not all that’s going on. Lest you think I’m idling away my time now that we have moved, I offer this gallery to assure you that I am keeping my focus on the important things, like making drums for healers, and getting the classroom and healing space in order.  Relocating is a frequent fact of life, but honoring the sacred path through service is a constant imperative and a reason for being. And it is always so joyful that it’s like being on vacation every day!

Aho & Namaste, my friend.