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Where Will These Buffaloes Roam?

Oh, Give Me A Home… Where The Buffalo Roam

Well, things have slowed down a little bit. For several weeks I’ve been pressed to make drums and other items for folks who wish to give them as gifts during the holiday season. There is always such joy is doing this because I know the recipients will be delighted to open the wrapped box, only to find something inside that is also wrapped in bright paper. It’s long been my habit to wrap drums in preparation for their journeys to healers and drummers. So they will be unwrapping their gift twice!

Drum HintAnd now that the Holiday Rush is over, for TVD at least, I’ve been able to turn my attention to that special TVD project I mentioned a few weeks ago here on the blog.  I gave you a sneak peek of it at that time, but here it is again (left), in case you forgot.

I’ve made great progress since then, so I’d like to provide another hint. Well, four of ’em! And wow, these are strong hints! Behold–

Four BuffaloesYou are probably putting the pieces together by now, right? Or not.

Four buffaloes (and yes, I looked up the proper spelling for the plural and decided I liked the “-oles,” though it was optional), all in different poses and colors. They represent the different aspects of your (and my) journeys around the medicine wheel throughout our lives. The colors are borrowed from the sacred tradition of the Lakota Sioux and some other tribal peoples, which I seek in part to honor with this project. The buffaloes’ colors are connected with honored directions, East=Red, South=Yellow, North=White, and West=Black. And when you connect with these magnificent animals’ totemic medicine, it can shake your world like a temblor of the thundering herd. But how does that figure into the project?

Well, in just a few weeks, in early 2015, you will know for sure, as it will be time for the unveiling of something to which I have dedicated many years of my life, an expression of a heart dedicated to service. It hasn’t been a lonely pursuit, though. I had four wonderful companions leading the way!

Aho & Namaste,