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Be The Bear

He was the real life icon of forest fire prevention since 1950 when as a cub he was found clinging to a charred tree in Arizona after a wildfire.  And little “Smokey” has remained a symbolic protector of Mother Earth’s forests ever since. But it’s real people who must battle against forest fires when they rage across the landscape, and this year, many of these firefighters have perished in the flames.

As autumn’s leaves accumulate throughout our forests, fire danger increases. So, please, do your part to protect our environment. Don’t be careless when you are in the woods, or even driving through them. Help protect our forest lands and our Earth Mother.

Be the bear.

smokey the bear graphic
Smokey has been on the job since 1950!
Retouched illustration from a Smokey comic book, date unknown.
Original image, courtesy, Comic Book Plus.
Aho & Namaste,

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