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Toward A New Home for Thunder Valley Drums!

Thunder Valley Drums Is Moving
We are moving to a new home in Kentucky, with shop space, healing space and maximum love space! The main Thunder Valley Drums site, however, is already right at home on the Web here: http://www.naturalshamandrums.com

So much moving! The TVD Web presence is partially moving to this new blog (while the main TVD site remains the same), we are moving to our new home, and I’m moving forward with some big plans that will carry us all into 2015!

In this world, movement is vital, or otherwise there is entropy. In the middling spaces though, which is to say between movement and entropy, there is the dreamtime, the place where the seeds of movement are sewn. We have been in the middling realms for a few years now as we sought a home, often nearing movement, but always remaining frozen due to one circumstance or the other. Finally though, within the past five little days, the dream suddenly manifested into reality, and today we finalized the paperwork. A home!

You’ll understand then why I’m so excited, so thrilled, and yet so blitzed. It is not always easy to emerge from entropy. One must build momentum. And once the desired velocity is achieved, there’s the need for maximum energy to keep it going! So today we finalized, and now it’s time to rest before actually packing up for the move. Luckily, we have three weeks to prepare, so there is plenty of time to build momentum for the final push to full speed!

So, soon there will be a new shop space to make drums, a new healing and classroom space, and a new lease on life in full service to you and to All That Is. I do not anticipate any long delays in filling your orders or in getting supplies to you in a timely manner. I’ll only be out of touch for a few days, probably from June 29 through July 4. If you have been contemplating the purchase of a drum or other healing aid, please feel free to order any old time. If you order before June 20, there won’t be any delay at all! And after that, I’ll only need a few extra days to complete your order. Then, by July 5, I’ll be right back into the flow of providing the kind of thoughtful, complete and fast service you’ve come to expect.

It is so good to be moving! Full speed ahead!

Aho & Namaste,