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Shamanic Rattling and Drumming and the “Schumann Frequency”

How to make a shamanic rattle
A rattle I made for someone.

Shamanic rattle, shaker, noise maker— no matter its moniker, this sacred tool is a valuable ally in a shaman healer’s intention of service through sacred rhythm. Like a shaman’s drum, the rattle is used to aid in achieving the “altered state of consciousness,” (ASC), that brainwave frequency measured between 7-8 Hz which is the threshold to journey work, reportedly in the Theta/Alpha range. That is roughly the same as the Earth’s natural frequency, known as part of the “Schumann Frequency” range that I’ve written about before. The lowest in the range, according to Wikipedia, is 7.83 Hz.

But here’s something new to add.

I know this is tangential to my subject, but it’s so cool. You can actually hear Mother Earth’s heartbeat. There are a lot of amateur radio buffs who monitor the Schumann Frequency range, which results from lightning strikes around the planet.  Once on the site, you can choose to listen to lightning strikes from many places. Associated Websites are also listed so you can learn more.

You can also see near real time lightning strikes on a map from this monitoring site at the University of Washington. (An updated real-time map here, too.)

Estimates are that lightning strikes the earth about 100 times a second from an average of around 2,000 thunder storms occurring on the planet at any one time. That translates into more than 8 million strikes a day! And that is what helps produce the Earth’s measurable heartbeat at 7.83HZ, the same frequency you need to enter into the altered state. But don’t worry, you won’t need quite that many beats on a drum per second to do so!

Thunder Valley Drums rattle with Mary Marvel
From a May, 2014, post here on the blog

In fact, no one knows the perfect number of drum or rattle beats per minute (bpm) needed to entrain the brain to hone in on the altered state of consciousness and thus to lock in to Mother Earth’s frequency, as estimates vary widely from 200 to more than 300 bpm. After many years of journey drumming and rattling, though, it seems to me that as long as you maintain a rapid beat for anything over 10 minutes, you will at least begin to flirt with the ASC. Some people require more or less time, of course, so you will have to experiment to find your optimum.

Lightning Drum in a knothole
A Lightning Drum in a huge knothole formed in a beautiful tree here in Kentucky.

I’ve found my preferred beat, and you can download it here if you like. I made the recording while playing my Lightning-Struck drum.

But it is a fact that the rattle, like a drum, works to help your brain tune in to this frequency range while playing it rapidly.

You can use a rattle for many different purposes, too. For example, a Hopi healer teacher taught me that she uses her rattle to summon powerful spiritual allies while simultaneously warding off negative energies that can’t tolerate her rattle’s sound (frequency). A logical extension of that is where healers will also use their rattles to cleanse an area and the people within that area during ceremony.

To many modern day people, this may all sound rather strange. But if you are willing to try it, I think you will find a whole new experience of awareness awaits you. (You should, of course, provide yourself and the immediate area and people around you with loving intention and a smudge protection before you start any such ceremony.)

ancient rattle
World’s Oldest Rattle? See article cited below

I’ve often wondered if humankind has always known the value of rattles, but only recently has forgotten their spiritual value in modern times. Like, why do we automatically buy a rattle for a new baby? Oh, sure, modern psychology suggests it’s good for helping the baby learn about sight, sound and tactile experiences, but humans have been making rattles for their babies for a LONG time, long before psychology developed, by knowing the instruments hold the power to provide comfort and contentment. A baby rattle was discovered in an Indus Valley town that dates back to 3,300 BC. In those times, the shamanic tradition was all that existed to help people heal, so the rattle was also a sacred instrument. Giving one to a baby, then, had to hold extra significance.

Whatever the case, you should hear a rattle before buying it, as you definitely need one that is pleasing to your ear. That will help you find a comfort level and open the way to your own connection with the heartbeat of All That Is.

Aho & Namaste,

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Final Note: Even better than buying a rattle is making a rattle! There is nothing better than making your own sacred shamanic tools. Look in the column on the right for an eBook about how to make your own rattle, and even how to get it free with the purchase of a Rattle Making Kit from Thunder Valley Drums!

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Even In Autumn, Activity Is Blooming At Thunder Valley Drums!

Drum HintWhile it’s autumn in nature, it’s SPRING at Thunder Valley Drums! So get ready for many things to spring into action!

It’s been such a busy summer and early autumn that one of my favorite activities, writing here, has been dormant. I haven’t had time for Facebook or other social media interactions either. (I would like to thank all friends and acquaintances who inquired following my absence. I am fine! Loving life! And so is Diana! We’ve just been busy, that’s all!)

But while Mother Earth is preparing many of her precious beings in nature for rest and sleep in this hemisphere, I have been gearing up many surprises, including more blog action. It is nearing “bear time” in nature, but in this cave, it is not time for hibernating. The bear is the symbol, among others, of introspection, reflection and growth. So I’ll key in on those traits here on the blog and in other ways as you and I huddle in our homes to expand our awareness of Spirit during the colder months ahead. (The climate is not a requisite for sharing in this, though! So if you’re reading this in warmer climes, you are most welcomed in the circle!)

Here are a few things that will be coming your way very soon.

First, I will begin posting a weeklyShaman Cast,” which will feature an age-old method of divination to help you plan for the week ahead. With luck, it will be delivered in two ways– right here in written form on the blog and– ta-da!– with the revival of the Thunder Valley Drums Podcast! More details to come.

Next, I hope to begin offering more help to you as you explore the shamanic path. Many people have asked for more articles on techniques and methods of engaging in the practice of shamanism in daily life. I will start doing so with a series of articles pointing to specific things you can do to start your day, to maintain your center during your day, to ward off incursions of bad energy from others, to protect yourself spiritually, to dispel anger, to build your spiritual muscles, and ways to share these sacred moments with your children, family,  loved ones, friends, etc. to name a few. And none of them will take long to do, as I understand how busy you are, too!

You will also get some sneak peeks and insider info about upcoming projects, like the photo above. What is that? A bird painting? Spilled paint on a piece of wood? A cup holder? Well, let’s just say it’s none of those. But it (a future centerpiece ornament that will be transformed from what you see into a sacred symbol of a powerful totem animal) is resting in the photo on the largest drum I’ve ever made. It’s more than seven feet around! And made from a cross section of a real tree. (Right, that means the tree was more than seven feet around.) And here is another hint: The drum sounds like thunder– even when you tap it gently. I guess you would expect nothing less, right? After all, it will contain a LOT of lightning-struck power. That is what Thunder Valley Drums is all about!

So please know that we are excited and ready to be of service in any way possible. And please keep checking back or subscribe to the blog so you’ll know when these and a LOT MORE activities begin! I’m so excited and looking forward to sharing with you!

Aho & Namaste,

In Celebration of Mother Earth

I am connecting deeply with Mother Earth today, so thought I would offer a video I made a few years back to celebrate her. With deep gratitude to you and All That Is.

Aho & Namaste,

(Click the button, lower right in the video, to view full screen mode.)