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New Thunder Valley Drums Site Is LIVE!

MY GOODNESS! IT’S ONLINE!YES! After weeks and weeks of toil in the deep levels of computer code, parallax layout formatting and such with a new website builder program, I’ve emerged bleary-eyed and squinting into the sunlight to say… IT LIVES! The NEW Thunder Valley Drums website is up and running!

It is so very different from past iterations of the site, some half-dozen or so over the past decade-plus, because technology has advanced so marvelously. Of course, as tech moves, so must the methods of delivering it. This site has so many more bells and whistles than previously, offering a living site in appearance and function. It’s all part of meeting the demands of modern lifestyles immersed in an array of different devices people may use nowadays, like desktops, laptops mobile phones and beyond. It’s all quite dizzying to a drum maker who leads a rather quiet life in Kentucky, USA.

But I did my best and now turn it over to you.

I hope you’ll visit the site and give me some pointers on the way you think I may be able to change or structure it to better meet your needs.

And meantime, I plan to venture outside and catch some sunshine! Then, oh then! Finally! I can return to the drums and a place of comfort. Leaving behind high tech and returning to no tech!


Aho & Namaste,

The New Thunder Valley Drums Website Is Live!

Here’s to the new start! (Link to site)

screenshot of the revised thunder valley drums site

I’m still ironing out a few kinks, but at least I hit the Sept. 15 deadline! If you see any flaws, please help me out by sending along an email. I would very much appreciate your input, too. For sure, there’s room for improvement!

Back to coding I go!

And thank you for visiting the new site.

Aho & Namaste,


New Thunder Valley Drums Site Premiers September 16

First Thunder Valley Drums Makeover in Years!

Low-res screenshot of a page on the new site…

buffalo drum feature page excerpt on new thunder valley drums site
A portion of the Buffalo Drum page.

It’s been long overdue! So at last the NEW Thunder Valley Drums site will premier on September 15. Excited!

You’ll find it a lot easier to navigate, and it’s prettier too. In addition, you’ll discover TWO new initiatives to help communities in need. (More on that later.) So stay tuned!

Aho & Namaste,