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Thanks for your emails about the Live Free graphic, and a note about the Ogham letters used

Thank you for your emails about the graphic I put with the last post. A few asked for a larger size so they could use it as a background for their desktops. So here ’tis in its original size, though it’s still not very large (550 pixels wide). I do most graphics on the Thunder Valley Drums and Shaman Drums and More sites with a neat comic book program, Comic Life.

Back in full size
Back in full size, an illustration of the Thunder Valley Drums motto.

Of course, this one has been optimized for the Web, and thus lacks some of the depth of the original. So if you would prefer to have a copy of that, just write and I’ll email one to you.

And a note about those two Ogham letters in the graphic: As with all such characters in that beautiful alphabet of the Celts, there are layers upon layers of possible meanings, and thus, there are many possible interpretations. To me, the letter on the left with the single vertical and four horizontal strokes to the right, which most agree represents the willow tree in its original usage, represents life and to live joyfully.  According to lore, the willow is a water tree, feminine, ephemeral, poetic, beautiful, graceful, steeped in love, joy, peace , healing and protection (one source for this, here).

The letter on the right, with a single vertical and two horizontal strokes to the left, represents the oak, a mighty and sturdy tree with many male qualities that stands against the strongest forces and thrives in its freedom. The lore attributed to it (same source as above) include strength, success, stability, healing… AND LIGHTNING, among others. Starting to get my drift?

It is only right that drums made from lightning-struck trees represent these qualities, strong enough to absorb and transmute lightning into healing and to perpetuate the beauty of life. Live Free.

May you indeed do just that.

Aho & Namaste,

Live Free motto
Variation on a theme of Live Free. This graphic is 800 pixels wide. I can send this one to you, as well.