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The Heartbeat of Love

You will recall from an earlier post that customer/friend Kim sent in a photo of her wonderful Hummingbird-type drum that had been painted by Glenn Lewis. Well, what you may not know is that during the beautiful process of bringing forth a drum with the energetic help of a customer, I inevitably ask if s/he would like to send a photo of him/herself with the drum. Ta-da!

Kim submitted these wonderful photos some time back. This is LOVE all around!

a thunder valley drums customer with her hummingbird-type drum

She writes: “Me, near my special apple tree. Did a ceremony today. Still no drum name.
Calling it Houdini’s drum for now.”

She brings up an interesting point, naming a drum. Presently she’s calling it by the name she gave to the seagull who visits her deck often and whose likeness is painted on her drum. Many many people I correspond with also name their drums after animals, be they spirit animals or pets or favored types.  Well, an apple tree is an exquisite ally to have while playing a healing drum. The tree offers the promise of rebirth, and its fruit heralds the sweet and tangy taste of what is said to be its restorative  powers. Its obvious that Kim knows her allies well, and shares the love she feels for them.

And then, a few days later, I received a very special envelope from Kim that contained twoa customer with a Hummingbird-type drum notes, one for me and one for Glenn Lewis, such a beautiful surprise, and heart-filling.

I simply can’t express the overwhelming love and gratitude I feel for Kim and her family, and for all of you who step into the circle of exploration and extend your trust to me to help make a drum for your journeys. We may not know each other in person, but we are never alone on the path. It is proven at nights sometimes when we can all go within and hear the heartbeats inside and outside across the miles, across continents and far beyond the bounds of space and time.

Indeed, we all have one heartbeat, and it spreads love all around the big wide circle of All That Is.

With deep gratitude, Aho & Namaste,