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Recent Customer Photos of Their Drums!

What a thrill to see drum photos from wonderful customers!

The above is from Kim, a new friend in Oregon, USA, who sent along this picture of her new Hummingbird-style drum shortly after receiving it last week. It is right at home with many of her other sacred helpers. The seagull painted on her drum, the first painting by Glenn Lewis since his return to work following an extended absence, is the likeness of one of Kim’s dearest totems. I’ll let her explain in these email excerpts:

“The gull has been coming for breakfast now for two years and I have named him Houdini. He brings his mate in the summer who is now named Francine. The two of them keep other gulls away and often bring us presents. I couldn’t think of a better totem to start out with.

I chat to Houdini all the time.”

Many, many thanks, Kim, for sharing the photo of your drum and for being such a good friend to all of those around you.

Next is a photo from Rebecca and an email excerpt from the day she received this Hummingbird-style drum beauty in her Pennsylvania home.customer supplied photo of her new drum

“Hi, Bob,

I have received the Drum! And oh do I love it! It’s beautiful and so well made. I have let it sit for a little while with my tools in my reading/healing space and I’ll be smudging us this evening.

I’ll introduce it to the backyard and the rest of the space Saturday (weather depending) with a small fire ceremony and a couple of close friends.

I appreciate the detailed instructions, an ounce of prevention…!

I have a attached a picture of just the drum right now so you are sure of its safety and I’ll send some pictures of the 2 of us together after the fire ceremony.

Thank you so much for this wonderful creature, I know we’re going to do good work together in this world and others.”

Again, sincere thanks to you, Rebecca, for sharing the photo and your beautiful sentiments.

I’ve always said this is the most fulfilling occupation a person can have. Making sacred drums for spiritual people is so rewarding, and the bonus of friendship with an ever-enlarging circle of healers is absolutely sublime.

Aho & Namaste,

Secrets And “The Book of Drums”

Book of Drums graphic comic
Scroll down for The Book of Drums

The Trade Secrets Of Drum Making

(Reprinted from my Shaman Drums And More blog)

SECRET ONE: Drum making is not a job or a task. It is an honor. I give thanks every time I make one because I know it is for a healer or a drum circle drummer or even for someone who intends to have a wonderful time playing a drum just for the fun of it. Several people also buy drums to use for their meditation practices, and a few purchase them to use in bands. How do I know this? I ask people to share their intentions for their drum at the time they buy it. They always respond.

It’s good for me to know the intended use, and to then ask the buyer to lend good energy to the drum the day I make it by holding it in their thoughts and hearts, no matter where they are. In effect, they guide my hands and the newborn drums arrive with the buyers’ spiritual DNA imprinted in them. Beautiful.

SECRET TWO: What else goes through my mind at the time I make a drum for someone, other than of course holding to their intentions and reverently asking for guidance to assure a person’s drum is in sync with their spirit? Well, it’s a book. A very short book.

I’ll use some recently made drums to illustrate it.

Book of Drums Cover

Book of Drums Page 2

And there you have it, the trade secrets of drum making…

But wait — there’s one more!

It not only works for drum making…but especially for drum playing. Indeed, it is you who can be the healing.

Aho & Namaste,