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Trailer For A New Lightning Drum Coming in September, 2015!


She’s been so elusive, like a stealthy spirit of the woods, here then there, and I could only glimpse her with the corner of my eye or when she tapped my hair with a breeze when she whisked by. I had about given up trying to find her, to sit in the circle with her, to hear her story or to learn about her kind.

She had only come to me in the shadows of dreamtime long years ago, and had brought her subtle energy through my hands and into a paintbrush on a special piece of wood. It was a sacred symbol, one that will be familiar to many of Celtic descent, and then she vanished. I placed the sacred symbol in a box for safe keeping. And forgot.

Several months ago, though, the once familiar energy returned and I offered my hands, which she moved from afar in the way she seemed able, a sort of remote influence that also entered my mind. It was time to make her drum.

So while I put the finishing touches on it, I thought you’d like a glimpse or two. It is a joyous day for me, for you see, she fully emerged from the shadows a short time back, a regal if purposeful young beauty from an ancient lineage. She taught me of the symbol I had painted long ago while also sharing knowledge of her kind and the wisdom they hold.  Soon you will know it too. And today, you will hear her name, spoken for the first time since the Olden Ages.

I’ll share a second trailer soon.

Aho & Namaste,