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New Shamanic Drums For Healers

Well, it’s been three weeks since my last stopover here on the blog. Wow! I am certain that the world is presently caught in a time warp and that it’s really still January, 2014. I cannot believe the calendar on my desk!

Okay, okay, so it IS February. It’s just that time has evaporated so quickly in the past weeks because I’ve been so busy. Many of you have felt the need to step forward with your healing abilities and have ordered shamanic drums as a result. Here are the latest two, which are now delivered to a husband and wife team in Virginia. (You can read more about the drums from the owners’ perspectives on my Facebook page.)

two painted Hummingbird drums
A husband and wife drum set.

Master artist Glenn Lewis did the paintings, with acrylics, and I must say, he did a fabulous job reproducing the photos which the folks had provided beforehand. One is trimmed with leather lacing and the other with multicolored crocheted stringing and leather lacing. The custom-made drumsticks are similarly outfitted. Both drums are Hummingbird-type drums, which you can see on the TVD Website.

I am the luckiest working man in the world ’cause I get to do what I love! And that is, to make drums and lose track of time!

Aho & Namaste,


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