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A shamanic drumming for cowboys– What If?

If “Manifest Destiny” had never happened, if attitudes had been open, tolerant and less judgmental, just imagine what it could have been like…

cowboys and shaman drum
Suddenly the saloon was stone quiet when the old piano player pulled out a shamanic drum and began playing it softly and reverently. All seemed as One.


Aho & Namaste,

Original image from circa 1930’s comic, then mashed.


Trailer For A New Lightning Drum Coming in September, 2015!


She’s been so elusive, like a stealthy spirit of the woods, here then there, and I could only glimpse her with the corner of my eye or when she tapped my hair with a breeze when she whisked by. I had about given up trying to find her, to sit in the circle with her, to hear her story or to learn about her kind.

She had only come to me in the shadows of dreamtime long years ago, and had brought her subtle energy through my hands and into a paintbrush on a special piece of wood. It was a sacred symbol, one that will be familiar to many of Celtic descent, and then she vanished. I placed the sacred symbol in a box for safe keeping. And forgot.

Several months ago, though, the once familiar energy returned and I offered my hands, which she moved from afar in the way she seemed able, a sort of remote influence that also entered my mind. It was time to make her drum.

So while I put the finishing touches on it, I thought you’d like a glimpse or two. It is a joyous day for me, for you see, she fully emerged from the shadows a short time back, a regal if purposeful young beauty from an ancient lineage. She taught me of the symbol I had painted long ago while also sharing knowledge of her kind and the wisdom they hold.  Soon you will know it too. And today, you will hear her name, spoken for the first time since the Olden Ages.

I’ll share a second trailer soon.

Aho & Namaste,


New Home for Thunder Valley Drums

Lightning-struck drums from Thunder Valley DrumsWe are ecstatic to be in the new place, and soon I’ll be back to making your shamanic drum, or a lightning-struck necklace, or any of the other sacred items you have come to rely on from Thunder Valley Drums. I am so eager to get back to “work,” though I have never considered that word to be an apt description of doing what I love to do. Right now, though, is the hard work. Unpacking, organizing, lifting and shifting a hundred boxes here and there.  Ugh!

So we’ll probably by at this for another 10 days or so, and then the first-ever Beginner Shaman Training Class at this location will start, July 13 to be exact. There’s still time to join the class, by the way.  (Details) We would love to have you! It is going to be a blessed day, as we establish a new healing circle.

I’ll also start blogging again on a regular basis before long, with some in-depth articles about shamanism and the sacred path. In other words, I’ll be back doing what I love to do!

So until then, I wish you the brightest blessings and a song in your heart.

Aho & Namaste,

Spiritual Superhero Week Flashback 3

This is the third flashback from a short five-day series of superhero ads I ran in 2012. You can read more about the series in the first two flashbacks. Here’s the original post from Jan. 18, 2012.

It’s Day Three and I’m gettin’ my groove on!

I guess by now you know I’m hoping to resurrect some superheros of old and give them a chance to discover their own innate spiritual awareness while they battle the forces of E-vil. They’ve always stood for justice (more or less), but had to rely on superpowers, muscle, guns and dyn-o-mite to bring it about!

So now they face a new challenge, how to bring about change to a world that is now so much more bizarre and even more violent than when they flew the skies or slapped leather, and to do so in the name of peace, healing, and compassion! Good grief!

Instead of fighting to a drumbeat of violence, they now must follow the gentle rhythm of the shamanic drum and take a journey to the realization that we are all One, and that their true superpower is love.

It can happen, ya’ know. You have the superpower.

Now, on with DAY THREE of Spiritual Superhero Week!

Drum Dude
Drum on!

Aho & Namaste,