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The Hummingbird and The Healers

Healer Priya plays a TVD Hummingbird Drum
Priya (center) plays her TVD Hummingbird Drum during a 2013 healing event in Texas.
Priyas Drum
Priya’s drum right after artist Glenn Lewis painted it.

It’s been said if you don’t want to work, do something you love.

Well, I’m doing what I love, and it’s easy to see why when I get the pleasure of making new friends around the world. Here’s one (see photo) of them, Priya. She’s the one in the center of the photo playing her Hummingbird Drum while leading a group during a recent healing festival in Texas. She had sent me a link to her blog after receiving the drum so I could see it in action. What a beautiful and sacred scene.

You can read Priya’s entertaining and insightful account of the event on her blog, as well as visit her new and growing Website. She is offering many shamanic services, and she told me that she is also planning to offer a line of healing aids for people.

It is so heartening to see a younger generation of shamanic practitioners like Priya carrying on the beautiful tradition, while more and more people connect with and benefit from it. In short, I see great hope for the future.

Before I sent the drum to Priya, I took a picture of it under the tree in our front yard and next to a pot of impatiens that Diana had planted. It seemed too good to pass up, given the fine, fine painting on the drum by artist Glenn Lewis. It was based on a photo that Priya had sent. We just knew that this drum was destined for beautiful service in the hands of a gifted healer.

I wish our Healing Sister all the best!

Andy's drum
Andy’s Hummingbird Drum, along with his Lightning-Struck necklace and other sacred items.

The mention of dedicated drummers would not be complete without including another friend, Andy, over in England, who submitted this wonderful photo (below) of his Hummingbird Drum this morning. It’s been a wet season in his country, so it was time to rejoice when the sun came out by taking his drum ally along for a sunbath.

Andy’s photo is a good reminder of one way to tune your natural drum. Damp days will make it tired, so a brief time in the sun (or a bit of heat from practically any source, even a brisk rub with your hand) will awaken and energize your healing partner.

Thank you, Andy!

Someday I hope to meet Priya, Andy and the hundreds of other honored drummers and others who have taken the time out of their lives to share a word with me in letters and emails from their parts of the world. We all share a common passion of service and exploration. And that is what we truly love to do.

Wishing bright blessings to you and to all of those around you, my friends.

Aho & Namaste,


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