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Spiritual Superhero Week Flashback 4

This is the fourth flashback from a short five-day series of superhero ads I ran in 2012. You can read more about the series in the first two flashbacks. Here’s the original post from Jan. 19, 2012.


To Recap The Week: I’m running a series of one-panel comicbook-like illustrations that ponder what it would be like if the superheros of old were to espouse spiritual ideas in place of their hard fists, fast guns and anti-grav superpowers! I’m also pretending that they’re doing so as a series of ads for Thunder Valley Drums, but not because I happen to be paying them Zillions! Rather, it’s because they are finding alternatives to violence by discovering their peaceful spiritual powers… the same powers available to us all.

Today’s panel is similar in many ways to a shamanic journey, which begins with releasing the ego and connecting with the real power inside and outside. You can almost hear the lightning-struck shaman drums now, softly at first, but building to a grand crescendo…

transformation man
Changing the world, one heartbeat at a time

Aho & Namaste,