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Gourd Rattles…For Life!

I am so thankful to our friend Ruud, who lives in the Netherlands, for updating us with progress on his experiments with gourd rattles…and the Wheel of Life they offer. He planted some seeds from the gourd kits he purchased (from Thunder Valley Drums), and just look what’s happening! He has treasures growing right outside his door! He will never need to purchase another gourd, and is now officially off the gourd grid!

If you’ve ever cleaned a gourd, you know that everything that tumbles out of them looks pretty lifeless. When you first start scraping out the interior, there’s a cascade of thin, fluffy, silky material that can quickly take to a breeze and turn into a blizzard. But next, ah, NEXT comes the payoff. Gourd Seeds! Lots and lots of ’em, a veritable garden full!

But man, do they ever look pitiful. You may even think there’s no way that they can actually come alive. But pop ’em in some soil, and wait for a wonderful surprise! Gorgeous blossoms! Beautiful fruit! THEN— birdhouses and herb containers galore! And a choice one can become a sacred partner for your spiritual journeys. Perhaps several can become rattles for loved ones. Such a glorious friend is the ever-giving gourd.

Here’s a brief picture story of Ruud’s Rattles.

Ruud's Rattles
The circle of life and the beautiful expression of the heart are a union of now and forever.
Thank you for sharing, Ruud!
I can’t stop without mentioning that you, too, can learn how to make gourd rattles. I am offering a $2.99 eBook with step-by-step instructions and many sacred ceremonies you can do to prepare and activate your rattle ally. Look for the information at the top of the column on the right. If you’re interested in buying a rattle kit, you can get the eBook free! Click here for details (will open a new window on the Thunder Valley Drums site.).

But you don’t have to buy a kit. At this time of year, gourds are plentiful at farmer’s markets and other locations like roadside produce stands. So help out a farmer and buy a gourd. Then turn to your favorite tree or shrub and ask it for a handle. There is probably one lying on the ground beneath it. From there, prepare for an incredible experience as a gourd rattle maker!

It’s not nearly as difficult as you may think. And it will serve you for the rest of your life. There is NOTHING like making your own sacred tools for the journey ahead. Just look what Ruud did!

Aho & Namaste,


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Make Your Own Shamanic Tools For Powerful Spiritual Healing


Using your hands to help your heart
There’s nothing like making your own sacred shamanic helper tools.

I’m gradually adding more and more focus with Thunder Valley Drums on helping you to make your own shaman and spiritual gear. There is nothing more satisfying— and empowering— than making something with your own hands from the gifts of Mother Earth.

During healing ceremonies and while connecting with Spirit in your own way, these things you make just naturally fit better in your hand, are imbued with your own special energy and medicine, and are infinitely more capable of helping you to more quickly accomplish your goals because you know their history, know their place of origination, and you can thus feel and guide their energy better. They are your tools. A healer’s tools.

So I have begun offering kits you can assemble yourself, as well as writing a series of eBooks and booklets with step-by-step instructions for aiding you in making your own shaman gear, including suggested ceremonies and other activities you may want to
incorporate into your items to energize and attune them with you.

Oh sure, I put great love into the things I make for you. I know no other way. That was part of my original vow to service, which I continue to hold to quite joyously. That was a life changing event! Further, I realize that many people truly don’t have the means to make some of their tools, and that is why I continue to make and offer such things as shamanic drums and worked wooden expressions. Modern life sometimes places people in small city apartments, and who has room for a table saw? Moreover, the chances of finding a lightning-struck limb or tree are mighty slim if you live in the desert. Many customers overseas prefer some things that are American made or grown, too. Great!

But many things require nothing more than a counter top or the kitchen table in order to make them, no matter where you live. And that’s where I’m beginning to place emphasis. You can make such things as medicine bag necklaces, items for your circle and altar, wrapping a special feather for your drum or other use, making a spirit shield— goodness sakes, I could go on and on. The point, though, is that you will be amazed at the difference when you make it yourself.

Here are a few links to the free articles and some very inexpensive eBooks and booklets you can use to get you going. And once you find out how thrilling, how deeply spiritual, how invigorating and yes, how inexpensive it is to make your own shaman gear, you’ll need not depend on someone else, including me, from then on. You will be exploring a deep and wonderful part of yourself and of Spirit that can yield great revelations.
sun graphic

Start with something small, and you’ll instantly see what I mean. After all, Creation itself started small. And just look at how beautiful and expansive its handiwork has become! Its perfection is everywhere if you look for it. You can start by peering into a mirror!

Bright blessings to you and to all of those around you, seen and unseen, here and there, All That Is.

Aho & Namaste,


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