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Ice Drums!

How fantastic is this?! These are definitely the most all natural drums you can find!

More info:

It’s said that this region of the world is the birthplace of shamanism (per the previous article), and no doubt I can see now that it is a candidate for the birthplace of drumming, too. What a wonderful world we live in.

Aho & Namaste,

Inspirational, Dutiful, The Survivor Lightning Drum

Enter the warrior healer Survivor Drum.

a new drum from Thunder Valley Drums, the Survivor Drum

That name persisted even after I declared not in an earlier post. I am corrected.

The Survivor Lightning Drum was born from a young hickory tree struck by lightning years ago, and, indeed, its name and its story are now its mission as a warrior healer medicine drum.

Here’s a video. And if you have more interest, you can follow this link to its homepage.

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Big City Indians Are At It Again (Video)

They are one of my favorite groups going on a dozen years or so, and Big City Indians continues to offer up some soul-stirring music with a Native American twist. They have an armload of “Nammy” (Native American Music) awards, so you would probably never guess that they are from Europe!

Here’s a blurb from their site:
“…they received six times the Silver Arrow Award for their outstanding contributions to Native American Music. The biggest prize they won three times in the years 2010, 2011 and 2013 as the first European band at the Native American Music Awards and were each honored in New York with the world’s highest music award for Indian music.”

The music ranges across a very broad, some would say eclectic, range of styles, but there is no denying that it gets the toes tapping at times, and the heart yearning at others. Here’s the band’s leader, Wolfsheart, playing his flute as beautifully as ever in one of Big City Indians’ latest songs.

Wolfsheart did not grow up as a Native American, and says quite frankly (from his Website), “I do not want to pretend to be a Native American, but I am truly an Indian at heart.” That sentiment, identifying with the NA culture, is shared by countless people around the world, for sure, and as one sees the continuous degradation of the environment and society in general,  the urge to reach for something real and trustworthy grows. Big City Indians is a perfect example.

Play on, Brothers.

Aho & Namaste,

Smudging Your Pets? Video Example

Are Your Pets Volunteering For A Smudge? Be Mindful.

Nearly a year ago a member of our household suddenly joined my daily smudging routine. He simply wandered into the healing room one morning while I was smudging and lay down on the floor between my feet. Now it’s a daily occurrence.

Cats have long been known as walkers between worlds or as beings capable of seeing between worlds, and I am certain he finds spiritual connection during the treasured minutes we share together with our guides, teachers and ancestors. He is always the first to notice those beautiful spiritual beings who arise in or enter the sacred circle for the smudging ceremony, and they in turn seem to soothe him as he awaits the smudge stick while I turn to the four directions. I think they were responsible for bringing him into the circle in the first place, as weeks before he finally did step in, I had begun to notice him peering into the room from just beyond the doorway, his eyes following something that my eyes could not detect. He now does this throughout the ceremony, looking here and there, glimpsing the worlds in-between.

Smudging is clearly recognized as a valuable, meaningful cleansing practice for the body, mind and spirit of all beings and for one’s environment (see article links below), but we should be mindful that, unlike this kitty, some pets may be sensitive to smudge smoke as an irritant or could sense it as a threat, particularly those kept in cages or containers and who cannot readily leave a smoky room. Otherwise, it seems quite reasonable to include those who seek a share of such precious time with Spirit.

Aho & Namaste,

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