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New Consolidated Site Coming In April!


One would think my little business is an empire! What with two websites and a big ol’ blog, it appears massive. I mean, even L.L. Bean or Apple have only one apiece!

Truth is, I started this site because the old site wasn’t what I needed, too slow and clunky, not mobile friendly, no room for the blog, yet its contract with the ISP still had a long way to go. The administrative and design time for all these sites ate up lots of precious time that prevented me from doing what I love— making drums!

Well, at last I’ve found a new home that can accommodate all three. So, I’m pleased to announce that there will be a NEW SITE COMING IN APRIL! This site, the old site and the blog will be consolidated into one. More details soon.

Aho & Namaste,

NEW! Flipping for Drums!

I am so happy to bring you an experiment. Just discovered a very cool site that turns files into a FLIPBOOK, so here goes… “Some Drum Love”!

(Simply press the “Click to read” button below)

You can see many Thunder Valley Drums photos that I don’t have room for on the website, as well as learn a little more about where the drums are and what they’re doing with healers around the world. Fun!

This started as an experiment for me, but you can bet I’ll be using it again! You can do it too, and share with family and friends just like I’m doing here. (Best of all, the basic service is offered for free!)


Aho & Namaste,

See Drums Faster on Your Mobile Device at Shaman Drums And More Site

I know it’s been a while since I last shared news here, but more will follow quickly, like the unveiling of a NEW LIGHTNING DRUM that is being born now instead of later in the year as I first announced. You’ll also be delighted with some new decoration choices for the Hoop Drums, to be announced in a month or so. And finally, I’ve been working on a series of articles about shamanism and its efficacy in your everyday life if you choose to employ it. Those should be available before too long!

Meanwhile, below is a quick reminder about my more mobile-friendly site, Shaman Drums And More. It features the same drums and all other sacred items that you’ll see on the Thunder Valley Drums site, but I think it will load faster on your mobile device. I would be thrilled if you would let me know which site loads faster!

This gallery is also an experiment with a plug-in program, Powr, to assess whether you find it cool or not. Would appreciate your input.

[powr-media-gallery id=1a83afc2_1490153940]

Aho & Namaste, my friend.