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The Simple Beauty of a Drum Circle That You Can Join

make friends
The circle grows…

There are too many drums of war. Not enough drumming for peace. Let’s change that.

It’s A Love Thing!

A drumming circle is beautifully simple because it doesn’t matter where you are! You can join in our drum circle, or one that is near to you, or you can even start your own. And the beautiful part is– you don’t even have to be in the same room, or even the same country!

Our drum circle typically has about 10 to 20 people, including locals and other friends around the world. What? Oh yes, the circle can encompass any people, anywhere. So far we have not connected via Skype or other service yet, but we hope to in the future. We all just agree on a time (adjusting for different time zones around the planet), and then start drumming!

It’s intention that matters, and when people join together with the intention of sharing peace, healing and joyful celebration of life and All That Is, it becomes a sacred circle around the planet and around the universe.

We drum for those who suffer, for those who have lost their mooring, for those who lead, for those in need, for LOVE, for help and healing, for the Earth, for each other, for anything… for JOY! Drummers will add the names of those who need special help and attention into the center of the circle, and you can do the same. Just hold the person in your mind while you drum. And one can do the same for a precious pet that is ill, or a country, or the planet.

Be sure to surround yourself with spiritual protection before you begin, and to generate your inner Light into the sacred space where you are. Light a candle. Ask that the surrounding space be cleansed and protected, and ask the Mighty Warrior Angels of Light (or substitute the names of your own guardians) to surround and protect you and those around you and the sacred space you occupy. If you are familiar with smudging, it’s a perfect time for that, too, along with a ritual water cleansing. Or do the things you normally do to set your intentions and clear the space.

And here is another cool thing. You don’t even need a drum! You can clap your hands, or tap your feet, or drum your fingers on your knees! Or perhaps you would prefer to sit in the circle and add your beautiful energy without drumming. It’s all about intention, so join in!

It’s a love thing.

Aho & Namaste,