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New Spaces and Places for Thunder Valley Drums

Well, I’m making progress with the new blog! The target date for full launch is June 25, 2014, so I’m working hard to make sure we’re ready to fly. Meantime, of course, I continue to spend most of my time in the shop making shaman drums and other sacred items for your spiritual exploration.

Rainbow Drums from Thunder Valley Drums
See All Rainbow Drums on the Main Thunder Valley Drums Site

It’s a busy time, for sure, and will be even more so when I move to my new shop location over the next two weeks. I am looking forward to settling in and to then being able to offer shamanic services as well as the drums and other items.

So, thank you for your support and patience while all of this comes together!

Aho & Namaste,

Two New Pots of Gold for Rainbow Drum Lineup

If you’ve been searching for a reliable, lightweight and colorful shamanic drum for your drum circle or for use in sacred ceremony, you may have just found your pot of gold at the end of the drumming rainbow right here! I’ll let Mary Marvel explain. (Then you can scroll on down to see TWO new Rainbow Drums below.)

Rainbow Drums and Mary Marvel
Find your own pot of spiritual gold at the end of a Rainbow Drum from Thunder Valley Drums.
There is more than gold at the end of the rainbow! There’s red, green, blue and lilac drums there, too. And even some brass!

For the first time ever, I’ve used metal as an integral component of a drum, and I guess you could say it’s time to get down to brass tacks about it! Enter the Jade Green Drum…

Jade Green Rainbow Drum
Each Rainbow Drum is different, though this photo gives a good idea of what yours will resemble.

You not only get the gold, but the entire rainbow with this drum!

The Jade Green Rainbow Drum features a deep green drum head and all the colors of the rainbow on the frame and trim. The
colorful composite webbing is tacked on with brass tacks, then accented with sumptuous suede deer lacing and colorful, hand-painted and polished wooden beads.

Such a lively voice! But of course you would expect no less from a Thunder Valley Drum!

All of TVD’s shamanic Rainbow Drums are 10 inch drums, very lightweight so you can play them for a long time without tiring, and easy to transport in a backpack, suitcase or even a large purse. There is also a lightning-struck wooden charm tied to each drum. Each also is accompanied by sacred herbs and sweetgrass that you can use in a smudging ceremony for your new drum.

Blue Rainbow Drum from Thunder Valley Drums
The Blue Rainbow Drum from Thunder Valley Drums seeks a balance of texture, color and spiritual expression.

Now for the second new drum— a personal favorite— the Blue Rainbow Drum. Oh! I love this drum, too!

Right off, this shamanic drum aspires to a strong expression of balance, at least as many people interpret colors and textures. Blue is a traditional color of masculinity, while the pretty and soft crochet tiara is of a definitive feminine texture.

There are strands of suede deer lacing and hand-painted, polished wooden beads, too, repeating the female/male theme. (The photo fails to show the true richness of the actual blue color of the drum head.) It has the lightning-struck wooden talisman on the bottom, too, even though it wasn’t present when I photographed the drum.

You can see more, read more and even hear more about these shamanic drums on the main Thunder Valley Drums site. How about buying one today? I can make it for you and have it on your doorstep in 10 days or so (for the typical U.S. address). I would LOVE to make one of these drums for you!

Aho & Namaste,


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Is There A Rainbow Waiting for You?

It’s time to express your true colors! To follow the rainbow! And perhaps even to march to a different drummer!

Yes, I’ve been hinting for some time about offering a new kind of drum. So, welcome to TVD’s “Rainbow Drums!” (You can learn more and hear the drums here.)

Rainbow Drums from Thunder Valley Drums
Many wonderful colors to choose from! (Even more than shown here!)

These little 10-inch drum beauties sound as good as they look, lively and passionate! The laminated frames are quite resonate, which I believe is enhanced with a new stringing pattern that adds more than a quarter to the tension I had previously relied on with smaller drums. This new pattern retards the loosening effects of “wet weather blues” that all natural drums so often experience. I also use buffalo or deer lacing, and will never go back to cowhide ties if I can avoid them, because the new lacing resists sagging in humid conditions, too.

With that said, I did use some very nice cowhide for the drum heads, as buffalo hide is simply too thick to use on smaller drums. The heads are going to have a hard time bending against those buffalo or deer ties, so I’m sure they will stay tight and clean. And after experimenting with different hides, I found that the cowhides held color better, too.

Closeup of Rainbow Drums
Special decorations add even more color to the Rainbow Drums

To compliment the new colors, I chose decorations that not only highlight the bases, but that also express a celebration of life. This reflects a decision I made years ago when I dedicated the remainder of my life in service to all, and made a vow that became the slogan of Thunder Valley Drums. So it was time to make some drums that turned the vow into a colorful exclamation— Live Free!

I’ll be adding more of these exciting helpers over time, for sure. Now that they have told me how to make them, I can’t imagine missing the thrill of watching them come into being and expressing their beautiful voices in the circle of life, as well as in the drum circle.

There are a limited number available now on the Website, and each is a one-of-a-kind, impossible to duplicate. So while I may repeat some of the color schemes, the actual drums will be as varied as any other group of shamanic helpers. Each is an individual, just like you and I. Together, though, we are all dedicated to service.

Live Free, my friend.

Aho & Namaste,


Copyright 2007-2014 Thunder Valley Drums. All Rights Reserved.