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Smudging Dick Tracy

Here’s one for the Superhero Spirituality category I started a few years back.

Okay, it’s an indulgence, but oh so much fun! I love old comic books, and over the years I’ve collected a lot of images from them, mostly from a site called Comic Book +. The artwork is great, even though the printing was sometimes off kilter. And often, the writing was great, too, particularly in the old literary comics, other books called “British Story Papers,” and even some of the classic comic strips. I’m so glad that site attempts to preserve, at least in digital form, these cultural icons.

Once in a while, I like to imagine how the illustrators and publishers back then would have handled it if Thunder Valley Drums had sponsored a series of superhero ads about spirituality and social consciousness. Here’s today’s result. And this time around, it appears as though they have chosen Dick Tracy as a spokesman!

dick tracy smudge ad 750w
Tracy has turned in his gun for a smudge stick.

Thanks for the endorsement, Mr. Tracy!

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