A Note From Stian in Santa’s Playground

A scene from Bodo Norway
(Photo courtesy, Stian Berg)

I’m sure that this is Santa’s playgound!

And some people have all the luck by getting to live there.

It was great to hear from friend Stian once again this week. You’ll recall it was about a year ago when this shamanic practitioner began sending notes from his hometown in Bodø, Norway following his purchase of a drum.

This time he writes:

 Hi my friend. Now Christmas is coming again so I wish you a happy Christmas. Here in Norway, I'm doing well. Drum is also good ? Now is the dark time back. Even though it is dark, there is a lot of nice light out with reddish sky when it is day. It has been snowing a lot today so it will get a little lighter outside. This year I will celebrate Christmas with my old dad. It will be cozy. Hope you and your family are doing well.

Your friend Stian
Bodo Norway harbor
The harbor in Bodo Norway. (Photo courtesy Stian Berg)

I keep replying to Stian that he lives in paradise. What a spectacular country! Surely it’s where Santa goes to hang out and have some fun.

Thanks, Stian!

Aho & Namaste,

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