About Bob And Thunder Valley Drums

Shaman Bob
At home in the Kentucky woods.

As an author, editor, publisher and retired journalist Bob values freedom, tolerance and open expression. He is now fulfilling a life-long dream of service and teaching through his practice of shamanism and his on-going independent research into comparative spirituality. His impulse for service also extends into the making of sacred drums and other ceremonial items for people on a spiritual path.

Personal Statement:

It is evident that we must somehow make positive changes amid the assault on our lives from corporate / government oligarchy, media incompetence / fear mongering, and the betrayal of our true spiritual nature and instincts by sometimes well meaning but errant and competing religious philosophies. Truth is in your heart, and positive change begins with its soulful expression in service to others and to All That Is.

Aho and Namaste, my friend.

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