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Even In Autumn, Activity Is Blooming At Thunder Valley Drums!

Drum HintWhile it’s autumn in nature, it’s SPRING at Thunder Valley Drums! So get ready for many things to spring into action!

It’s been such a busy summer and early autumn that one of my favorite activities, writing here, has been dormant. I haven’t had time for Facebook or other social media interactions either. (I would like to thank all friends and acquaintances who inquired following my absence. I am fine! Loving life! And so is Diana! We’ve just been busy, that’s all!)

But while Mother Earth is preparing many of her precious beings in nature for rest and sleep in this hemisphere, I have been gearing up many surprises, including more blog action. It is nearing “bear time” in nature, but in this cave, it is not time for hibernating. The bear is the symbol, among others, of introspection, reflection and growth. So I’ll key in on those traits here on the blog and in other ways as you and I huddle in our homes to expand our awareness of Spirit during the colder months ahead. (The climate is not a requisite for sharing in this, though! So if you’re reading this in warmer climes, you are most welcomed in the circle!)

Here are a few things that will be coming your way very soon.

First, I will begin posting a weeklyShaman Cast,” which will feature an age-old method of divination to help you plan for the week ahead. With luck, it will be delivered in two ways– right here in written form on the blog and– ta-da!– with the revival of the Thunder Valley Drums Podcast! More details to come.

Next, I hope to begin offering more help to you as you explore the shamanic path. Many people have asked for more articles on techniques and methods of engaging in the practice of shamanism in daily life. I will start doing so with a series of articles pointing to specific things you can do to start your day, to maintain your center during your day, to ward off incursions of bad energy from others, to protect yourself spiritually, to dispel anger, to build your spiritual muscles, and ways to share these sacred moments with your children, family,  loved ones, friends, etc. to name a few. And none of them will take long to do, as I understand how busy you are, too!

You will also get some sneak peeks and insider info about upcoming projects, like the photo above. What is that? A bird painting? Spilled paint on a piece of wood? A cup holder? Well, let’s just say it’s none of those. But it (a future centerpiece ornament that will be transformed from what you see into a sacred symbol of a powerful totem animal) is resting in the photo on the largest drum I’ve ever made. It’s more than seven feet around! And made from a cross section of a real tree. (Right, that means the tree was more than seven feet around.) And here is another hint: The drum sounds like thunder– even when you tap it gently. I guess you would expect nothing less, right? After all, it will contain a LOT of lightning-struck power. That is what Thunder Valley Drums is all about!

So please know that we are excited and ready to be of service in any way possible. And please keep checking back or subscribe to the blog so you’ll know when these and a LOT MORE activities begin! I’m so excited and looking forward to sharing with you!

Aho & Namaste,