Why UFO Disclosure Will Never Happen…And Why Not To Trust It If It Does

ufo on the capitol, graphic“To me, there is only one way to test the credibility of any U.S. government official who calls for and announces disclosure, and that is if he or she also calls for our best scientists and metaphysicians to begin examining what is really going on, while also announcing the prosecution of those who have used the phenomenon as a cover or as other means for illegal, unconstitutional or immoral activities.”

Excerpts From My Old 1/13/10 Podcast

(With A Few Updates Added, May, 2014)

Though I’ve covered the UFO thing in previous podcasts, I bring it up again because it’s cropping up in the news right now and causing a bit of  a stir on the Web— that is if you follow such things. Back when I was a practicing journalist, I was involved in one assignment to do just that: investigate the subject of UFOs. So I’ll take off my shamanic hat for a moment and grab the old Underwood typewriter to file this updated report.

Right now, the net is all abuzz about so-called “disclosure,” so here’s my headline…

Why UFO Disclosure Will Never Happen…And Why Not To Trust It If It Does

In 2010 (and subsequently), a number of high profile proponents, ranging from a former astronaut with credibility to those on the UFO talk-circuit without much credibility, have called for and even speculated about the imminent announcement from the U.S. government, perhaps even from President Obama, that will disclose all of its supposed secrets about what it knows about UFOs.

Oh, it certainly is titillating to think the government will reveal amazing and startling facts about official contact with extraterrestrials and all of that, but the fact is, the government has already made a tacit disclosure at least. And it will probably go no further.

Back in the 1960s, the Air Force said a small percentage of the UFO sightings it investigated could not be explained. That was known as the Project Blue Book, and it certainly provided proof that the government knew something was going on.

Moreover, on countless occasions, the government has obliquely acknowledged some sort of phenomenon by saying that whatever it is, it has so far posed no threat to the nation’s security. I got my own confirmation of that right from a top lawyer in the US Senate. His boss, US Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia was then chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and also had tremendous influence in helping to fund the US Army’s remote viewing program, both subjects of which are surprisingly related in many ways.

So, disclosure has already happened! And, I believe, any further disclosure would ultimately reveal less about extraterrestrial activities than about terrestrial secrets and shenanigans.

We discovered precisely that at the Human Potential Foundation during the time that its main benefactor, Mr. Laurance Rockefeller, had started his approach to the Clinton White House with a call for disclosure. It became more and more apparent that the government, should it disclose all it knows about UFOs, would lay the groundwork for the potential identification of many within the government who are thought to have used the phenomenon as a cover for nefarious purposes.

And if that should happen, it would also reveal government secrets that probably are best kept secret. Not about aliens or off planet exotic technology, but about the nation’s infrastructure and personnel who legitimately gather information to help protect the nation’s security.

This is a sticky subject, for sure, and touches on the whole area of how much spying the government does, and whether it is maintained within constitutional constraints. And it has to do with how the government may use the cover of UFOs as a way to continue its own research into the development of exotic technology and weapons. (Aside: Though this article was written in 2010, it certainly has relevance now, particularly in view of the Snowden revelations that allegedly blew the whistle on NSA, government spying and advanced technology.)

So, despite what is now overwhelming evidence from millions of eyewitnesses, including military personnel, professional pilots, theologians, and average citizens in nearly every country in the world who have actually encountered the phenomenon in one way or another, me included, the governments of many of these countries have used UFOs as a cover for various activities having nothing to do with the subject.

The governments are happy to perpetrate and perpetuate the UFO myth as a way to test exotic aircraft and other technology currently in development while knowing that average people who happen to see them will report them as being UFOs, and that the general population will then dismiss the whole thing as coming from kooks and weirdos. Thus, continued testing may advance unimpeded and undetected.

Plus, UFOs also have propaganda value. A country could gain a psychological advantage over rivals if it leaks out that it is in possession of powerful new technology that any other country should be wary of, with the potential result that it may have preemptive strength and force projection.

Now, beyond acknowledging the existence of some sort of phenomenon by telling us that the phenomenon has not posed a threat to the national security, what else could the government say? Outright disclosure, should it involve the dual acknowledgment of the ET hypothesis and a superior technology that could seriously challenge or even overwhelm the country’s defense systems, could lead to societal chaos and the breakdown of its institutions. According to a Brookings Institution Report from way back in the 1960s, disclosure could reveal that our science is next to worthless, so the first institutions to implode would be the scientific ones. And let’s face it, to many people, science is today’s religion.

As a sidebar, it is interesting that many people thought disclosure would destroy religions first, but it’s apparent now that at least one religion has made a preemptive public relations strike against that thought by announcing that it is open to the possibility of the existence of off-planet intelligent life. That is courtesy of the Vatican. Its announcement was recently repeated over and over on the “Coast to Coast” radio show and other places as if it was first time fresh news, but the fact is that the Vatican made similar announcements back in the 1990s and in 2001. It recently sponsored a conference on astrobiology, and once again hinted at the possibility of alien life, which is news to the “Coast to Coast” show.

It is apparent from history that successful religions are those able to change and morph over time in order to survive, even if it requires changing its most cherished doctrines and dogma. There is none better at this than the Vatican. Fact is, most of Earth’s largest religions originated around a central concept of sky gods to begin with, so one would expect them to be able to eventually acknowledge that fact!

Here’s the final reason, related to the previous points, as to why I don’t think disclosure will ever happen:

In studies undertaken at Rockefeller’s now defunct Human Potential Foundation, publicly available research indicated or alleged that U.S. government research into mind control and associated weapons development, the so-called “crown jewels” of off-books black projects, as well as possible duplicitous involvement in any number of untoward activities stemming from that research by some upper level officials in both the government and private sectors, was also cleverly incorporated into the UFO arena for the convenience of obfuscation and camouflage.

I have no direct knowledge of who or what programs may be involved, other than what is publicly available, but there is no doubt that if this is correct, whoever they are– if there is a “they”– don’t want to get caught.

So, even partial disclosure, i.e. official direct recognition of the phenomenon, is unlikely, as it would invite scrutiny of many associated areas that could reveal “a truth too terrible to bear.” Only when the last of the perpetrators have died will disclosure be possible, and that is assuming that no such activity is going on now, an unlikely prospect.

Thus, the UFO phenomenon and the “big lie” exist as parts of a whole, never to be separated, and always in stasis. To reveal one invites the revelation of the other.

Please note: This is not intended as a blanket condemnation of all people in the American or any other government. Only a very small cabal is involved in these activities, and I believe the good people in our government, the true Americans, will eventually root out these “perps.” Then, perhaps, can true disclosure occur, but only if it will include the revelation of all of these Dark Side components.

Okay, So What If Disclosure Occurs?

No matter what form it takes, whether referring to old UFO encounters like Roswell, or something newer, one must maintain the highest skepticism, should a disclosure announcement be made. The phenomenon has simply been used too often to camouflage other things not involving UFOs.

And, assuming that at least five decades of U.S. government and quasi-government mind control research has produced certain methods/technologies/approaches to influence populations, one should be highly skeptical of any official acknowledgment of disclosure, especially if it is accompanied by an active demonstration of alien sentient or technological presence on the planet.

Manipulative technology certainly exists on planet Earth which could convince the eye that ET is flying the skies. Holographic special effects have existed for decades and is commonplace. Like, can you say “Avatar?” What a movie, eh?

And it sure seems the so-called Roswell “crash” had far more to do with the Cold War and/or perhaps other research than with ET.

So, unless or until ET visits your neighborhood and sips tea with you, you do not have to believe what CNN or the “cabal” within the U.S. government or any other government wants you to believe. And who knows, it could be that non-governmental groups are attempting to stage an event in order to influence governments. It’s all pretty murky.

And if you have already encountered this phenomenon, then you already know that it is vastly more complicated than what an official announcement will likely acknowledge, even if such an announcement may bring vindication to some of what you’ve already known. Simply assume that disclosure is occurring for more reasons than altruism, and is serving more purposes than we can know.

To me, there is only one way to test the credibility of any U.S. government official who calls for and announces disclosure, and that is if he or she also calls for our best scientists and metaphysicians to begin examining what is really going on, while also announcing the prosecution of those who have used the phenomenon as a cover or as other means for illegal, unconstitutional or immoral activities.

And when do you think THAT would ever happen?